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Discounted Menus:

While going through the process of voluntarily shutting down on the weekend of 3/27/2020, we created an extremely discounted “Stuck at Home Menu” for families on a budget. The “Family Pack” and “Big Family Pack” are great for eating a family dinner or for sticking in the fridge for meals throughout the week. Get a hotel pan of Baked Pasta and Cheese or Beef Stroganoff. Try the Street Taco Family Pack– it’s fantastic and affordable.

Regular Menu Options:

Most of our full restaurant menu is also still available for guests looking for single portions of our famous comfort foods like loaded fries, fish and chips, burgers, and steaks.

About Us:

The Charlestown Rathskeller has been a staple of this community for almost 87 years.
We see our role during this situation as providing the comfort and familiarity people are seeking while giving local families a chance to take a break from cooking a night or two each week